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My name is Cloud and I draw animal people. I'm an 18 year old college student from Oregon. My interests include animals, ecology, art, fursuiting, and video games. I use Clip Studio Paint to draw.

My fursona

I also own the Pacific Northwest Furries Discord server


Discord: Cloudpie#6225 (Click to go to my gallery/contact server, you can use that to message me if we don't have any other servers in common. I might not accept a random friend request if I don't know who you are, but if you join the server I'll know who you are)
Telegram: @Cloudpie
Email: cloudpie.art [at] gmail.com

Places you can follow my art
Telegram channel
Discord server
Furry Amino

Pretty much inactive right now
YouTube (for speedpaints)
Twitch (for streaming)

Other stuff
Art Fight

Commission Prices

Here is my art queue on Trello

All prices are in USD

If you want a type of piece that isn't listed here, let me know! I'm flexible and I love experimenting.

If you want a non-icon headshot or bust, like for a badge or something, ask me for a quote

Pride Palette Icon

Sketchy lines: $10 (color: +$3, shading: +$3)
Clean lineart, flat colors: $20
Clean lineart, shaded: $25

Sketchy lines: $15 (color: +$3, shading: +$3)
Flat colored with clean lineart: $25
Shaded with clean lineart: $30

Backgrounds and scenes
Please ask me for a quote, the price can vary wildly when backgrounds/props are involved. It really depends on the specifics of the scene.
I do sketched scenes as well, colored or uncolored, which are significantly cheaper than fully finished ones.

Reference Sheet
Front view: $25
+ Back view: $15
+ Side view: $20
+ Outfit/extra form chibis: $10 for the first, $5 for each additional
+ Detail shots: Free, within reason
+ NSFW version: $10
+ Anything else not listed here: Possibly free, possibly extra. Please ask me for a quote.

Note that these prices assume you already have art of the character! If you don't, that will cost a bit extra as it is a much longer process.

Draw-Over Doodle
$10 per person in the photo

Pet Portrait (based on a photo)
Contact me for a quote

Terms of Service

Please keep in mind that I am a student and schoolwork always has to come first.
I always make sure to keep clients up to date on my progress with their commission, feel free to ask for an update at any time!
Payment is up front through PayPal or Google Pay and all prices are in USD. The order is added to my queue once I receive payment.You may ask for a full refund before I start. After I start, though, no refunds. I will let you know when your commission is next on my queue and when I've started.You are welcome to post the art anywhere, use it for an icon/banner/etc, and do basically whatever you want with it, but please credit me as the artist. However, if you want to use my art commercially/profit off my art we need to agree on it beforehand. Basically, personal use is fine, but no commercial use unless we agree that I get a cut of your profits or I charge extra upfront.A unshaded, high res digital reference sheet or clear, unshaded, high res image is preferred. I can work from a written description but it will cost extra, as that is considered character design work.I love doing character design work! If you need help designing a character or don't have any images yet, I'd be happy to bring your idea to life. However, it will cost extra as it is a much longer process. The design fee varies in price, please ask me for a quote.Will do: Furries/animals/creatures of any species, anthro anatomy, animal/feral anatomy, original characters, canon characters, mild or cartoony blood/gore/violence. I also do NSFW, I have a whole other site for that! Please message me for the link if you are over 18 and interested.Won't do: racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc., humans, heavy gore, military/police themes, possibly other stuff I haven't thought to include here yet. I reserve the right to politely decline any commission.If you want a type of piece that isn't listed here, let me know! I'm flexible and I love experimenting.
Here is my art queue on Trello