Hello there!

My name is Reece, Cloudpie, Cloud, or whatever and I draw things! I'm a high school senior from Oregon. My interests include animals, ecology, art, fursuiting, and video games. As of January 2020 I use Clip Studio Paint to draw, anything done before that was drawn in FireAlpaca.

My fursona

I also run two public Discord servers!
PNW FursGuardians of Ga'Hoole/Wolves of the Beyond


Discord: Cloudpie#6225
Telegram: @cloudpie

Art posting and also stream announcements:
Telegram channel

Other places you can follow my art:
Furry Amino


Other stuff
Art Fight
Pokemon Go: 1050 8930 3232



Please keep in mind that I am a student and schoolwork always has to come first. I always make sure to keep clients up to date on my progress with their commission, feel free to ask for an update at any time!
Payment is up front through PayPal and all prices are in USD. The drawing is added to my queue once I receive payment.You may ask for a full refund before I start. After I start, though, no refunds.A digital reference sheet/clear, unshaded image is preferred. A shaded or traditional image may cost extra, and a written description will definitely cost extra, as that is considered design work.I love doing design work! If you need help designing a character or don't have any images yet, I'd be happy to bring your idea to life. However, it will cost extra as it is a much longer process. The design fee varies in price, please ask me for a quote.You are welcome to post the art anywhere, or use it for an icon/banner/etc, as long as you credit me. However, you may not profit off of my art unless we've agreed on it beforehand.Won't do: humans, adult content (I'm underage)If you want a type of piece that isn't listed here, let me know! I'm flexible and I love experimenting.

Flat: $10

Sketch: $4 (color: +$1)
Flat: $8
Shaded: $10
Painted: $20

Sketch: $5 (color: +$2)
Flat: $12
Shaded: $15
Painted: $30

Sketch: $8 (color: +$2)
Flat: $20
Shaded: $24
Painted: $40

Full Scene with detailed background
Please ask me for a quote, the price can vary wildly. It really depends on the specifics of the scene and whether it's lined or painted.
I do sketched scenes as well, colored or uncolored, which are significantly cheaper than fully finished ones.

Reference Sheet
Front view: $20
+ Back view: $10
+ Side view: $15
+ Anything else not listed here: Possibly free, possibly extra. Please ask me for a quote. Most small extras are free.

$8 per unique sticker, + $1 per variant

Draw-Over Doodle
$5 per person in the photo

Pet Portrait (based on a photo)
Contact me for a quote