Hello there!

My name is Reece, Cloudpie, Cloud, or whatever and I draw things! I'm a 17-year-old female high school student living in the Portland, Oregon area. My interests include art, animals, fursuiting, cartoons, and viddy games. I draw in FireAlpaca with an old Wacom Intuos Small tablet on a Windows laptop.

My fursona

I also run two discord servers!
PNW FursGuardians of Ga'Hoole/Wolves of the Beyond


Discord: Cloudpie#6225
Telegram: @cloudpie
Email: crystallucario1[at]gmail[dot]com (commission inquiries only please)

Places I post art:
Furry Amino

Art (and occasionally game) streams:

Other stuff
Art Fight
Pokemon Go: 1050 8930 3232
Switch FC: SW-5511-5182-8531



All prices are in US dollars.
Please keep in mind that I am a high school student and schoolwork always has to come first. I always make sure to keep clients up to date on my progress with their commission, feel free to ask for an update at any time!
If you want a type of piece that isn't listed here, let me know! I'm flexible.
Payment is up front through PayPal. The drawing is added to my queue once I receive payment.You may ask for a full refund before I start. After I start, though, no refunds.A digital reference sheet/clear, unshaded image is preferred. A shaded or traditional image may cost extra, and a written description will definitely cost extra.You are welcome to post the art anywhere, or use it for an icon/banner/etc, as long as you credit me. However, you may not profit off of my art unless we've agreed on it beforehand.Won't do: humans, adult content (I'm underage)

Sketch: $4 (color: +$1)
Flat: $8
Shaded: $10

Sketch: $5 (color: +$1)
Flat: $10
Shaded: $12

Sketch: $7 (color: +$2)
Flat: $15
Shaded: $18

Full Scene with detailed background
Please ask me for a quote, the price can vary wildly. It really depends on the specifics of the scene.
I do sketched scenes as well, colored or uncolored, which are significantly cheaper than fully finished ones.

Reference Sheet
Front view: $15
+ Back view: $10
+ Side view: $15
+ Anything else not listed here: Possibly free, possibly extra. Please ask me for a quote.

$8 per unique sticker, + $1 per variant

Draw-Over Doodle
$5 per person in the photo

Pet Portrait (based on a photo)
Base price $50, contact me for a quote