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Hi I'm Cloudpie and I'm an atrocious furry


I am the founder of Pacific Northwest Furs, a Discord server for furries of Oregon and Washington (but anyone can join!) with 500 members and counting. Join Link

More recently I started a server for fans of Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Wolves of the Beyond, Bears of the Ice, and Horses of the Dawn. Join Link


Reece, Cloudpie, Cloud, whatever17ShePortland, OregonHigh school student

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Discord (the best way to reach me, I accept all friend requests): Cloudpie#6225

Furry Amino

Art Fight

Pokemon Go: 1050 8930 3232
Switch FC: SW-5511-5182-8531


All prices are in US dollars.
Please keep in mind that I am a high school student and schoolwork always has to come first. I always make sure to keep clients up to date on my progress with their commission.
If you want a type of piece that isn't listed here, let me know! I'm flexible.
Payment is up front through PayPal. The drawing is added to my queue once I receive payment.You may ask for a full refund before I start. After I start, you may ask for a refund equal to the work I've done. If I've done just the sketch, you pay the price of a sketch and I send the rest back. I contact commissioners with updates very frequently, so you'll always know how much I have done.A digital reference sheet/clear, unshaded image is preferred. A shaded or traditional image may cost extra, and a written description will definitely cost extra.Won't do: humans, sexual content.

Sketch: $5
Flat: $7
Shaded: $8

Sketch: $6
Flat: $9
Shaded: $10

Sketch: $10
Flat: $15
Shaded: $17

Full Scene with detailed background
Please ask me for a quote, the price can vary wildly. It really depends on the specifics of the scene.

Reference Sheet
Front view: $15
+ Back view: $10
+ Side view: $15
+ Anything else not listed here: Possibly free, possibly extra. Please ask me for a quote.

Photo Draw-Over
$5 per person in the photo